Christmas – Chef Marcin Szczodrowski


Do you enjoy the traditional roast turkey dinner on Christmas day or do you opt for something a bit different?

It’s very different in our house – I’m originally from Poland so the roast turkey has no place on our festive table. We really cherish our Polish traditions.


Do you have particular traditions around food or drink (or otherwise) at Christmas?

Christmas food in Poland is completely different. The celebrations start on Christmas Eve when we have a meal called Wigilia that is 12 courses long – one for each of the Apostles and none of them can be meat. It’s a feast of fish and vegetables.


Who cooks?

Not me! It’s a hectic day in the hotel kitchen on Christmas Eve so my fiancée and her mother take charge at home, ably assisted by our 12 year old daughter Emily. No matter how busy I am, I always show up in time for dinner.


What are you looking forward to in 2023?

Developing my tasting menus. I just love working out new dishes using the fabulous local ingredients here in the west. I’ve started already.


Are you optimistic about the year ahead? 

Yes, it’s in my nature, I’m always optimistic. I’m full of plans for 2023 – I just hope they all work out.

What will you not miss about 2022?
Honestly 2022 was a great year for me and the hotel. We’ve had a really busy year and topped it off with a pile of awards. I just hope every year will be as good!

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