The Beach Hotel with a Big Heart

Wild Atlantic Beach, Warm Atlantic Welcome

The Ocean Sands is a premium 3-star hotel on the beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with an established reputation for offering guests a particularly warm West of Ireland welcome. In a prime position on the ruggedly beautiful Wild Atlantic Way and just a 50-minute drive from Ireland West Knock, the hotel offers an unrivalled guest experience with friendly staff, great food and direct access to a beautiful sandy beach just made for strolling on. If you are looking for a modern holiday base right on the beach in the West of Ireland, the Ocean Sands beach hotel is the obvious choice.

You Need a Dose of Vitamin Sea

The extraordinary healing powers of the ocean have long been documented and can be attested to in the strong draw so many of us seem to feel towards the seaside. The ancient Greeks and Romans had a strong understanding of the therapeutic properties of seawater while Plato advised his followers to embrace the healing quality of the ocean by spending time immersed in it. However, you don’t have to get in to get a share of the benefits. A simple walk along the seashore can have a significant impact on the body and mind, improving mood, lowering stress levels and leaving you feeling deeply invigorated and alive.

If you do enjoy a dip in the ocean, however, you will be glad to know that the benefits just keep coming. Marine based cosmetics and medications are a big hit with consumers with good reason – they work! Many of them contain a myriad of amazing restorative properties and have been scientifically proven to impact positively on the skin and the rest of the body.

The ocean is an amazing source of the mineral magnesium which human cells need to function. Though you can take it in supplement form, it can also be absorbed through the skin. Did you know that even a short dip in the ocean will top up your magnesium levels nicely? What’s more, magnesium is even better absorbed alongside Vitamin D which is of course transmitted through sunlight – another reason why the sunshine and seaside go together in perfect harmony!

If you suffer from the pain of arthritis, the seawater can also be your friend. Researchers have discovered that the salt in the water can work to help reduce joint inflammation. The healing power of salt-water doesn’t end there, however. Naturally anti-bacterial, it has also been scientifically proven to actively accelerate the healing rate of wounds and other ailments.  The final magical property of seawater is in boosting the body’s immunity. Red blood cell count has been proven by researchers to increase by up to 20 per cent after an ocean swim!

Enchanting Enniscrone

We are justifiably proud of our amazing location right on the stunning Enniscrone beach which boasts 5km of pristine golden sands, clear blue waters and endless sandcastle building possibilities! One of County Sligo’s oldest resort towns, Enniscrone also has an impressive network of sand dunes. Located to one end of the beach, you will come across the ‘Valley of the Diamonds’, a volcano-like formation which can be seen in the largest of the dunes.  Nearby, you will also see a hill known locally as Cnoc nag Corp (the hill of bodies). Legend has it that this was formed by a pile of bodies of Vikings who died way back in the year 891.

Just beside the beach, you will see a children’s playground and various amusements. Older children and more adventurous family members can also take advantage of a range of local activities on offer there at peak visiting times, including horse-riding, surfing, jumping off the pier, SUP and other water-based sports.

Kilcullen’s Seaweed Bath House

Kilcullen’s Seaweed Bath House has been in business since 1898 and is just a two-minute walk from the hotel. Seaweed baths have long been used for their therapeutic qualities due to the seawater and also the seaweed, which contains high levels of iodine, and enjoying one is a novel and memorable way to relax during your time in Enniscrone.

Wild Atlantic Wanderings

Our lovely hotel is situated on the world-famous Wild Atlantic Way which can be explored by car, bike or on foot. Sligo boasts an amazing rage of beautifully clean sandy beaches which are just begging to be walked and there is also a wealth of landmarks of historical interest to be explored. 

Some highlights you may wish to check out include Mullaghmore Head which is a renowned spot for water-sports and surfing in particular. In fact, you will soon see that Sligo is a surfer’s heaven with many of its beaches attracting thrill-seekers from all over the world. Strandhill and Streedagh are two more great surfing spots which also offer amazing views and beach-walking potential.  The bustling village of Strandhill tends to be quite busy most of the time while you are likely to find Streedagh to be a little quieter. There you can enjoy a 3km stretch of sandy beach with its impressive series of dunes and views all the way across to the Mountains of Donegal.

Located just off the Sligo Coast and accessible by car at low tide, Coney Island gets its name from the large number of rabbits that call the island their home and is also well worth a visit. Visitors to the island can spot landmarks including a faerie ring, St Patrick’s Wishing Chair and the remains of many structures dating back to famine times.

The charming village of Easkey also has much to offer the Sligo visitor including another spectacular beach while Rosses Point is beautifully set against the dramatic background of Sligo Bay and the Dartry Mountains.

Where a Sea View is Standard

All 50 rooms and suites at The Ocean Sands Hotel have a private bathroom with room service also available to all guests. We are also well-known for our excellent full Irish breakfast which is guaranteed to fuel even the most arduous of treks along the Wild Atlantic Way. In the hotel the rooms are also spacious and modern in design. The closest airport is Ireland West which is just 34 miles from the beach hotel. An airport shuttle is available if necessary. The beachside Ocean Sands Hotel also has a 24-hour front desk to ensure that our guests are looked after at all times of the day and night.

Have a question relating to any aspect of our hotel and facilities? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. You will receive an email from the team promptly if you drop them a line at or with a form submitted via the website addressed directly to the hospitality team.