The Ultimate Beach Wedding Guide in Ireland! (for 2024/2025)

Couple at a beach weddingBeach weddings have recently become a popular wedding venue location in Ireland, due to the wide range of spectacular coastal locations available. The relaxing atmosphere of a beach wedding coupled with the beautiful backdrop of the waterfront has been the reason why many couples have chosen the seashore as the location where they say “I Do”. Beach weddings are no longer just a dream wedding scene for couples in Ireland.


However, if you want to pull off your beach wedding successfully, then careful wedding planning is necessary – especially in Ireland! Planning a beach wedding is not necessarily more difficult than traditional wedding venues, but there are a number of steps you must take into consideration before your special day to ensure everything runs smoothly.

At the award-winning Ocean Sands Hotel, we have put together the ultimate guide to beach weddings in Ireland to help you plan a seamless and elegant beach wedding.


Plan Your Beach Wedding Budget


wedding reception

Deciding on your wedding budget should be one of your top priorities in the early stages of your wedding day preparations. Your budget will act as a guideline and can help you to create a clear plan to make the most of your special day. Your budget should be the foundation for your wedding planning, as you can decide whether you want a large event surrounded by all of your loved ones or a smaller, more intimate event.

Setting a benchmark for your expenses will make it easy for you and your partner to plan the whole day in the long run. In addition, be prepared for any unforeseen costs that may await you. Having a well-constructed budget is truly the key to ensuring all your dream beach wedding comes to life.

Talk to your partner about how much you both are willing to spend on your wedding. Once you have decided on a number, you can begin making a list of your potential wedding costs. You and your future spouse can then look over your list and decide which items are the top priority for the day. With some careful planning, you can have a beach wedding to remember that won’t break your budget.


Choose a Date and Time


outdoor ceremony

When planning a beachfront wedding ceremony in Ireland, choosing a date and time for the wedding is essential. Would you enjoy a ceremony early in the day, or would you prefer to exchange your vows on the beach as the sun begins to set in the evening? As the beach is a public area, you may want to double-check if any other events are being held on your chosen date to make sure the venue isn’t too crowded.

Along with knowing the time you wish to have the wedding ceremony, it is essential to find out how sea tides will be affected on your big day. If the tide is in, then having a ceremony on the beach will be impossible – so make sure you do your research on the seashore tides during the planning stages of your wedding.

The final thing you must decide on is what month to have your wedding ceremony. Due to the ever-changing climate in Ireland, we recommend the summer months for your wedding date. Warm weather, more clothing options for guests, and viewing the breath-taking outdoor seaside scenery are all reasons to get married in the summertime in Ireland. May, June, July and August are the best months to choose for a beach wedding in Ireland to avoid freezing cold weather conditions for you and your guests.


Have a Backup Plan Ready – Just In Case!


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Having a beach wedding in Ireland is a dream for many, but sometimes we have to expect the unexpected. No matter how much time you spend crafting Plan A of your wedding, there is a chance that some things won’t go as planned on your big day. At Ocean Sands Hotel, we advise that you should have a backup plan, just in case anything goes wrong on the day that will prevent your ceremony on the beach. From unexpected weather changes to unanticipated tides, there is always a chance that something may go wrong on the day. To ensure everything runs smoothly, we advise newlyweds to work with their wedding planner ahead of time to ensure there is a Plan B ready the morning of the wedding, just in case a beach wedding ceremony is no longer feasible. It is always best to be safe, rather than sorry!

Another backup plan to consider would be technical issues on the day. While on the beach, you will need a range of equipment to make the day a success. Make sure to test your microphones, generators, speakers, etc before the ceremony to ensure there are no faults. Have extra equipment ready as a backup plan in case anything is faulty or having difficulties.


Consider Your Beach Wedding Facilities


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An important factor to consider for your beach wedding is how the venue is going to look, and what facilities are going to be available. Unlike a traditional wedding venue, the beach may be a far location to a range of facilities. If your seaside wedding is located a far walk on the beach, you may need to ensure there are facilities such as toilets nearby.

Are you going to have the full wedding on the beach, or do you plan on going elsewhere for the wedding reception? If you plan on staying at the beach all day, you may want to consider having shelter close by. If you are going to have your catering located at the beach, be careful as no one wants their wedding dinner to come into contact with grains of sand.

Hiring a marquee and placing it nearby on the beach is a fantastic idea as it will allow guests to have somewhere to go before and after the main ceremony. If you are going to have the reception somewhere else, make sure there is transportation available for all of your guests.


What to Wear – Wedding Fashion on the Beach


Bride on the beach

At a traditional wedding, seeing the bride in a large ballgown-styled wedding dress and the groom in a suit is the norm. You can decide to dress the same during your beachfront wedding ceremony, but it may not be the most comfortable option. Potential wind on the beach the day of your wedding is a factor that will affect most components of your wedding day – fashion and beauty included. Instead of choosing a traditionally themed wedding, you may want to go for a laid-back vibe to be more practical for the comfort of your wedding guests.

A flowy wedding dress suited to the beach will work better on the sand than a strapless beaded ball gown. The semi-formal wedding attire will allow men to wear slacks and a button-down shirt, while women can opt for a simple sundress or a stylish romper.

Carefully choosing foot attire is also important for the big day, as the sandy shore of the beach can often be tough to walk on depending on the shoes worn. Wearing wedding heels on sand is a recipe for disaster! We have seen many wedding guests opt for sandals while others have chosen to go barefoot to match the comfortable vibe of the beach theme. At Ocean Sands Hotel, we recommend providing a shoe station near the venue where your guests can leave their shoes, so they won’t have to worry about sand getting in them.


Inform Your Guests


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Many people are used to going to traditional wedding venues and they may have an expectation of what the event will entail. You may want to surprise your guests with some elements of the day, but we advise that you make your guests aware of some of the decisions you have made. This will allow your guests to be comfortable throughout the event and it will allow them to be prepared for specific dress codes, allow them to arrange transportation, etc.

Your older guests may need to be made aware of the exact location, as long walks on the beach may not be ideal if they are not prepared. You can keep many elements of your wedding day a surprise to make the event an enjoyable experience for all, but if there are any factors your guests should be aware of then let them know on the invitation cards.


Embrace the Beach Theme

newlyweds on the ocean sands hotel love swing

If you are going to have a beach wedding, you need to 100% commit to the theme and embrace the setting. When we think of beach themes, the first idea that may come to our heads may be buckets and spades, inflatable swim toys, and fake palm trees which may not showcase the classy wedding theme you desire.

You can still keep an elegant beach theme by having stylish lounge chairs nearby, or by serving fruity cocktails to your guests. Pairing the traditional wedding decorations with the natural setting of the beach can make an idyllic setting for the wedding of your dreams. You’ve set the scene by setting your venue beachside, so you can allow your decorations to match the setting.



In Conclusion About The Ultimate Beach Wedding Guide

There are many factors to consider when you are planning a beach-themed wedding. Although there are many things to consider for your special day, having a beach theme is not impossible. With the correct planning and safety measures in place, you can be sure that your wedding day will run smoothly and that it will be a day that you and your guests will never forget.

Breakaway from tradition today and start to plan out the wedding that you have always dreamed about. Make sure that you do plenty of research on beach weddings to prepare yourself for potential problems that may arise. Ensuring your event will run smoothly without any issues. We highly advise that you hire a wedding planner and wedding vendors who have previous experience with the preparations of a beach wedding, so you can remain relaxed and stress-free during the ceremony.


Why Choose The Ocean Sands Hotel?


Award winning team - the ocean sands hotel

Overlooking the spectacular Enniscrone Beach and with sweeping views across Killala Bay, The Ocean Sands Hotel is the perfect location to plan the wedding of your wildest dreams. Our luxurious venue is available for couples to wish to celebrate the happiest day of their lives with a stunning seaside location. Whether you are looking for a Wedding or a Civil Ceremony, the Ocean Sands Hotel is the perfect location that has all of the ingredients you need to have a romantic wedding day surrounded by your loved ones.

Allow us to become part of your story and let our team of expert wedding planners guide you throughout your special day. Our helpful and friendly team has worked with hundreds of couples to exceed their expectations of a perfect wedding day. Your wedding day is special to us too, and we are committed to making your special day as memorable as possible. Our grand ballroom is the focal point of any wedding reception hosted at our hotel and can be decorated to your requirements.

There are also some fantastic hidden locations around The Hotel!

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Our tastefully decorated Wedding Bridal Suite boasts relaxing themes and provides additional space for the newly married couple to ensure the utmost of comfort on your wedding night. After the celebrations, return to a comfortable king-sized bed topped with fluffy pillows and crisp clean sheets and have a restful night of sleep. Our romantic Bridal Suite with amazing views of the Enniscrone shoreline from your window, taking in stunning views of Killala Bay and breathing in the Fresh Atlantic Ocean air. Enjoy your first night together as a married couple and experience complete style and luxury in our guestrooms.

Beach Wedding Packages

Say “I Do” to the one you love at the award-winning Ocean Sands Hotel. Though all beach weddings are magical, there’s just something extra special about having a seaside wedding at the Ocean Sands Hotel. If you are considering us to be your wedding venue, please take a look at our range of wedding packages available. Get in touch with our friendly wedding planner team today. We can work together to create the magical wedding day that you have always dreamed of.

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