What to Wear to a Beach Wedding (As a Guest!)


wedding rings on beachWhile getting married with the sand under your toes is the dream of many newly engaged couples, it can often cause confusion amongst your wedding guests on how to dress appropriately for your special day.

With a traditional wedding, high heels, formal dresses, suits, and tuxedos are common, but when it comes to a beach-themed wedding this may not be the most practical choice.

At the Ocean Sands Hotel, we have created the ultimate guide on what to wear to a beach wedding as a guest, to ensure you are comfortable and appropriately dressed for the day ahead.

Learn About The Location


outdoor ceremonyIf the wedding is taking place indoors with a view overlooking the beach, you can dress formally as you typically would with a traditional wedding. If the ceremony or reception takes place in the sand, you can dress with confidence that you are complying with the bride and groom’s desired dress code.

The formality of the dress code should be stated on the invitation, but if it just states “beach wedding attire” then we advise you to double-check with the bride and groom and ensure you arrive according to their desired theme. We have listed a number of tips below for both men and women on how to get ready for a ceremony that takes place on the sandy beach.

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Beach Wedding Attire for Women


beach wedding guest

When we think of how women dress for a wedding, the first things that come to mind would be the formal dress code with long gowns and high heels. This traditional way of dressing for a wedding will have its obstacles if you are heading for the seashore. Firstly, if there is a breeze, having a heavy ball gown style dress will be extremely difficult to navigate during your walk to the wedding location. Secondly, walking in high heels in the sand is a recipe for disaster! Typically with wedding ceremonies which are located on the sandy beach, there can be a casual or semi-formal dress code. This will allow wedding guests to be comfortable and relaxed on the beach, so they can focus on enjoying the celebrations.

Tea-length dresses, jumpsuits, and loose maxi dresses are acceptable for wedding beach attire. Breathable clothing is the best option to fit the vibe of the seaside theme. A flowy wedding dress suited to the beach will always be more comfortable on the sand than a strapless ball gown. We advise that you avoid shorter dresses so that you don’t appear to have dressed too casually. Bright colours are acceptable, but you should avoid anything that has a strong pattern, as it will be far too loud amongst the other wedding guests. Solid vibrant colours, pastels, and neutrals are always a fantastic option to look elegant and classy while adhering to the beach theme of the wedding. 

Take note of the weather forecast on the day of the wedding, as you may need to have a jacket prepared if there is wind or if it will be colder than expected. Blazer jackets are the perfect light jacket choice to bring with you, as they will help you to look smart while also keeping warm. Blazers also go with nearly every outfit, so you can’t go wrong with having one on standby.

Seaside Clothing for Men


beach wedding attire for men

Traditionally, men would wear a full formal suit to a wedding. Suits are an option to wear to the beach, but they are not the most sand-friendly outfits. Seaside weddings typically are more laid back than any other type of wedding, and therefore you can go for a more casual outfit.

If you do choose to wear a suit, we advise that you go for a lighter colour suit over a black-tie tuxedo. Try a white suit in cotton or linen, as this may fit the beach theme more appropriately. Short-sleeved shirts may be frowned upon at a traditional wedding event, but when it comes to seaside weddings they are very much accepted, especially if the sun is shining. Shirts with lighter fabrics, such as linen and cotton blends are perfect for the beach.

Wearing a linen outfit is a very popular option for beach weddings, as it makes you look put together while also being casual. Linen is a smart choice for a beach wedding because it is very breathable and will help you to remain comfortable all throughout the ceremony. Feel free to forget to wear a tie while on the beach. A tie will make your outfit look too formal and you won’t have to worry about your tie flowing back in the wind!


What About Footwear at a Beach Wedding?


wedding footwear

Carefully choosing foot attire is an important factor to consider when preparing your outfit for the beach. The last thing you want is to wear heavy shoes only to get too much sand into them!

As we discussed earlier, high heels are also not a great option while walking on the sand. As the sandy shore of the beach can often be tough to walk on, we advise wedding guests to be prepared.

Over the years, we have noticed that many wedding guests choose to go barefoot on the beach. Many people tend to search for foot accessories such as ankle bracelets to appear dressy while also being comfortable while on the sand. If you don’t want to go barefoot, sandals or light shoes are always a good option.

In Conclusion


There can be many things to consider when planning your outfit as a wedding guest on the beach, but it is not an impossible task. Our advice on adhering to the wedding dress code will allow you to be both comfortable and confident in your appearance so you can focus on enjoying the day of celebrations.


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